Getting A Compare And Contrast Essay Example On Book And Movie

First off, make sure you understood correctly what your subject is about. Is there anything in particular your teacher or your professor wants you to compare and contrast in your essay, or is it up to you to decide on that? Can you choose the book and movie or is that also already given to you? If you can choose it yourself, make sure to pick something you are familiar with and something that you understand fully and can have a discussion about.

If you need to decide what subjects you will compare and contrast, choose meaningful topics! For example, if you are comparing and contrasting a book and a movie, figure out what you can learn from it, and then base your thesis on it. It can be anything, like beauty, fidelity, treason, friendship, a character, a scene, etc.

If the subject (or multiple subjects) you need to do a comparison on is already given to you, first think about it well, to see if you see the similarities and differences that the book and movie have regarding that subject. A good idea for a compare and contrast book and movie essay example could be any book you read that had a movie made based on it, because you can explore what is done the same (compare) and what is done in a different way (contrast). You have definitely come across a book that you had adored, and then later on, once you watched the movie, you felt disappointed because it failed to correctly represent the book. Why? This is a question you must ask yourself. Why is this better than that? How is this similar or different? How it should be, in your opinion?

Develop your thesis.

Plan how many paragraphs you want to have and exactly which points you want to illustrate in order to compare and contrast book and movie. Organize your thoughts, do not risk getting yourself lost trying to explain ten or more different subjects, and then fail to actually make a point about any of them. You have to stick to the most important ones. Then you can fully devote yourself to elaborating your thesis and writing a good, concise essay that is on point.

Short example of a body paragraph

To decide whether to spend our summer holidays on a beach, or in the mountains, an important thing to consider is the weather. Even though both destinations are considered popular for a summer vacation, the weather on the mountain can differ greatly from the beach. In the mountains you can expect a breeze that will not be as hot as the one on the beach, and the nights tend to get much colder than the warm summer nights you spend by the sea.

Hopefully, this will be a good compare and contrast book and movie essay example, that you can use to create your own. So, start writing, and remember these guidelines!

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