Justifying an Evaluation Essay: a Brief Guide

When your aim is to justify a freelance evaluation essay you have to judge the topic on the quality and give sound reasons based on specifics and analysis. You should not allow personal views or taste to cloud your judgment. Each of your judgments needs to be supported and defended with clear reasoning. Each criterion talked about should be based on evidence and should be fair.

If the topic is a freelance book you are writing about, you will not defend as to whether you like it or not but you will talk about if the book is good or bad based on certain objectives and criteria. You need to evaluate works of art that are subjective and that too in a manner that is more objective rather than preference based.

Justifying an evaluation can be used as research for the purpose of the review. The evaluation should determine and examine the negative as well as positive aspects in a very critical manner. The judgments are a mix of positives and negatives because when researched well, even the best work of art has flaws. The key, therefore, is to do sufficient homework and to examine the topic carefully, understand what the criteria are and avoid allowing emotion to cloud your work.

The term Judgment is viewed negatively by most, especially when people are judged. However, it is necessary for works of art, as long as it is based on a fair evaluation done. The essay should not be based on the awards that have been won or the popularity of the work of art but on the quality of the art and the subject which it relates to.

To defend judgments in your thesis, you need to first establish the criteria. This is done by identifying the category or genre. Then based on the genre, the criteria for that genre needs to be researched and evaluated.

When justifying an evaluation essay you should avoid those criteria and terms which are premise-based. Never judge by popularity. You need to avoid entertainment value or even humor as a kind of premises which will support your judgment.

Your thesis should desist from summarizing the plot or if it is a movie or TV show – from describing the characters. It is your job to explore reasons why the movie or show is good or not. It is not your duty to explain the plot. Your dissertation should also not be just the title of the subject. It should be more along the lines of “Name of the subject: It’s the best” this dissertation will help the reader get perspective and will know what they will be reading about with regards the subject.

Lastly, in your homework, you should never refer directly to the reader and should avoid using first or second person pronouns in your dissertation.

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