Creating A Cause And Effect Essay About Happiness

Do you know what a cause and effect essay is? In this kind of paper you write about why something happens (cause) and what happens as a result of it (effect). To write a good one, you must first understand what this means. Here is an example: I didn't eat all day. Now I'm hungry. The thing that caused hunger (effect) is not eating all day (cause). Now that we simplified it, let's proceed.


Happiness is a feeling that is hard to explain, it is extremely complex, and it can be triggered by the most common things, like eating chocolate, listening to your favorite song on the radio, having a get-together with your friends, smell of grandma's freshly baked cookies, by catching your all-time favorite movie on TV on a rainy evening, etc. By now, you have probably summoned some of those feelings that make you happy.

When you write a cause and effect essay about happiness, these are the things you must remember regarding CAUSES:

  1. WHAT are the causes of your happiness?
  2. WHAT are the causes of happiness of other people?
  3. Are the causes of happiness always the same for everyone?
  4. Are those causes always followed by the same effect?
  5. Are there any causes that can make you happy instantly, always?


  1. Is the effect always as strong?
  2. Are there single effects or multiple effects?
  3. Is there any chain action that follows the cause?
  4. Why do you think the effect occurred?
  5. Is the effect a result of that particular cause or some other cause?

Before starting to write your assignment, you should decide whether you are going to write in an informative way, or you are going to be persuasive, and give detailed explanations of how the causes are followed by the effects of happiness.

Also, try to use causes that have immediate effects, or at least effects that occur in the near future, as those are easier to exemplify, and relate to.

Here are some more examples that can give you inspiration for your essay about causes and effects of happiness:

  1. Going away on holidays after school year is finished
  2. Coming home after a long time spent abroad
  3. Seeing your closest friends after a couple of months
  4. The smell of rain
  5. First snow
  6. Going on a school trip
  7. Getting your first job
  8. Getting an A on a math test
  9. Being in nature
  10. Kissing your crush
  11. Getting cozy under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book
  12. Watching a movie at home with friends
  13. Waking up on Christmas
  14. Solving a crossword puzzle
  15. Learning a new skill

In the end, the important thing to remember is that you need an outstanding outline to start your essay, and you need good, concise sentences and well organized paragraphs that will make a perfect paper.

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