Composing a Portfolio Reflection Essay

In the present day, it is often asked of students or potential employees to write a portfolio reflection essay for them to develop critical awareness when it comes to their professional experiences in the past. If you are asked to compose one, or you want to do it for your own personal growth, it will be useful to learn a few things when it comes to composing a portfolio reflection essay.

  1. Determine the experience for which you want to write a reflection.
    If you are not asked to write a portfolio reflection essay on specific work or class did in the past, you should determine what you want to write. Not every experience was equally rewarding nor interesting, so it would probably be a good idea to pick one of which you already know what you learnt and why, and how you felt doing it, and after it was over. You can later continue to reflect on those who rewarded you in a less obvious way, and for which you need to do much more reflecting. If you need some help figuring what to write about, see here.
  2. Decide on which people you are going to write about and why same goes for situations.
    Try to know before- hand who are you going to write about in your portfolio reflection essay and to remember how those specific people contributed your growth (or not) and why. Do the same for some important situations, such as unplanned events or change of conditions during your work, etc.
  3. You must be reflective.
    Do not be afraid to show your weak spots while composing a portfolio reflection essay. It is one of the things that is asked for.
  4. Be clear.
    Try to make yourself comprehensive while explaining your experiences.
  5. Make a plan for future professional growth.
    In the end, when composing a portfolio reflection essay, it is crucial to devise a plan for the future. Explain everything you learnt from the experience and how it will contribute your future doings. Illustrate how it made you feel and grow, and why it was an asset in your career.

All in all, composing a portfolio reflection essay should not be difficult if you approach it correctly. Hopefully, you will know how now!

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