Romeo And Juliet Narrative Hints

No matter where you go, you can’t avoid the Shakespeare fever. And of course, that means you have to get a lot of essays done among your string of projects. One of the most common tasks that you might have to encounter is writing about Romeo and Juliet. Several students have trouble finding unique Romeo and Juliet narratives. This article will give you the best ideas and pointers on how to get these kind of outputs done.

The Meaning of Narrative

First things first, when you are writing essays you have to make sure you going on the right path with the genre. Narratives are generally stories that tell a person’s or character’s point of view. You can pretend to be Huckleberry Finn and write how you’d imagine traveling the Mississippi river waters. You can also just write about how Jane Eyre experienced her youth in a boarding school but in third person.

The key to nailing a narrative depends on your describing skills. With this genre, you can actually write about your feelings and grasp meanings to a lot of adjectives. Although you’d mostly be writing about fiction, you’d also have to note the facts in the story. You’d have to ask yourself: How exactly did Huck meet Jim? What were the life lessons that Jane realized when she got of Lowood Institution? These questions along with your personal emotions would create the perfect narrative.

Narratives are fun to do so even if it takes some time, you’ll enjoy the experience.

Some Narrative Hints for Shakespeare

Believe it or not, writing about Romeo and Juliet is very challenging. There are tons of samples and ideas online; you can’t blame yourself if you don’t know what to choose. You’d also have to be careful since some concepts are just repeated pieces of information. Here are some original Romeo and Juliet narrative hints that can help you get started:

  • How did Juliet feel during her first encounter with Romeo?
  • To what extent is Romeo willing to fight for their love?
  • “I will do my best to make your love possible” (in the point of view of Friar Laurence) “Mercutio saw the vile submission of Tybalt before his eyes and prepared for battle” (third person narrative)
  • “I will leave everything I’ve known…my childhood, wealth, and status….to be with you” (in the eyes of Juliet)
  • “He saw her at the ball of his enemy. The thoughts of Rosaline had disappeared. He fell for Juliet” (third person narrative)

These narrative hints will definitely get your brainstorm to become epic inspiration. You now are equipped with the best definition of narratives. Plus you got some awesome Romeo and Juliet narrative hints. Now, the flow of your narrative essay will get you an ace grade.

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