A tutorial on a 5 paragraph expository essay

A 5 paragraph expository thesis as the term suggests consists of 5 paragraphs in all. The introductory paragraph, the first paragraph of the body, the second and third body paragraphs followed by a concluding paragraph.

  • Introduction
    The term introduction itself tells you that it is the main freelance research idea or the thesis statement. It also should consist of a mini outline of the entire dissertation. This should consist of 3 researched example sentences. The homework is then to expand this in the main body of the dissertation. The introduction grabs the reader’s attention and informs the reader what the entire freelance thesis will be about, and it should contain a hook statement at the end. This hook statement is one which will make the reader continue to the body of the essay. The last sentence of the introduction should repeat what the main idea is.
  • Body of the essay - First paragraph
    The first paragraph of the body is the strongest, and it elaborates the first example of the topic sentence which is in the introduction paragraph. This usually consists of 3 or more examples which are used to strengthen the topic sentence which was mentioned. The last sentence of this paragraph is used to paraphrase the first example which is mentioned in the introduction.
  • Body of the essay – second paragraph
    This paragraph needs to start with the second example of the topic sentence of the introduction. It should then be followed by 3 or more examples which further strengthen the topic sentence, and it should conclude with a paraphrasing of the second example stated in the introduction.
  • Body of the essay – third paragraph
    This should start with the third topic sentence which is mentioned in the introduction, again followed by three examples to strengthen your point and to conclude with a repeat of the example which is mentioned in the introduction.
  • Concluding paragraph
    After the introduction, this is the most critical paragraph. It should start with the topic sentence or the main idea of the dissertation, followed by homework on the 3 example sentences which flow right from the introduction, through the body and it should conclude by repeating the main idea of the thesis.

For example, if you are writing about your pet cat, you will start by stating that your cat Sylvester is the best pet in the world. He looks majestic and does not require much care. He catches mice, and the house is rodent-free. He loves to drink milk. Sylvester is the best pet you have ever owned.
The first body paragraph will need to describe Sylvester’s look and what is needed to take care of the cat. The second body paragraph will elaborate on his mice catching prowess. The last body paragraph will elaborate about his fondness for milk.
The conclusion would then need to reiterate all the above points.

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