In Quest Of A Personal Narrative Essay Example For College

This type of writing doesn’t require you to think much; just allow the writing to flow. You’re writing about the everyday stuff you do, shouldn’t be that difficult to put them together on a piece of paper. It is the articulation of feelings and emotions through the power of written words. Your search for a personal narrative essay example college guide ends here as we take you through the steps involved in writing one.

What is a personal narrative?

Just as it names suggests; it’s a personal narrative of your experience and should have sensual attachments to it. Writing in the first person is the ideal manner to go about it. The subsequent paragraphs are for students in quest of a personal narrative essay example for college.

  • Introductory
  • This is the most significant part of your narrative where you have the chance to make or unmake your whole paper in just one sentence. Here you should start with a brief but concise statement with the purpose of grasping the attention of your reader. Clearly provide a “key” for your reader to comprehend and assimilate fully your story, i.e. the characters, the settings, etc.

  • Body
  • This is where the story takes place itself. Try as much as possible to use all the senses in painting the bigger picture in the story. Let the reader flow with your story, journey with your reader through your experience and make them feel as if they were with you.

    Your story should have evidence expressed through your experiences as the story unfolds. What were the significant moments in the story and what lessons learned fit into the overall bigger picture? Another very important aspect of your writing should be using time and transitions to show the happenings and changes as the story is being told. Each paragraph has to introduce a new event and bring a new twist to the narrative.

  • Conclusion
  • Conclude your essay with a closing remark indicating why you choose to write about that experience and how the experience has affected your life.

In summary, following the above recommendations and applying the rules adequately can help you write a personal narrative essay for college.

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