In Search Of The Best Narrative Essay Example

Unlike all those ordinary essay assignments you get in class, a narrative one is something that doesn't require much research in order to write it (or even none at all, if you are a good storyteller!). You will probably do a lot better if you are gifted for writing or have a good imagination, but either way, writing a narrative story is much easier, and much more interesting than you might think! Here is what you need to know before you start writing!

  1. Paragraphs
  2. You MUST have an introduction paragraph in which you will set the scene, write a sentence in which you reflect your personal thoughts about an event, etc. Then you can proceed to the body of the paper, where you must develop your narrative story, and get creative! In the end, a conclusion paragraph is also a must; it is a section in which you will wrap up your story, write a few sentences that sum up your paper, and leave the reader thinking about your personal beliefs.

  3. Be creative!
  4. You need to get your reader's attention if you want to write a good story. This is why your beginning needs something that will get the reader wanting to continue reading, and find out more. So, put a lot of thinking in your introduction, since it will help your paper greatly. Also, write about something interesting, fun, that gets you thinking, something deep if you can. Use dialog sentences and vivid details to make your reader imagine the scene in his head. Do not fail to make a point; your narrative must have its purpose.

  5. Be consistent
  6. If you start your narrative by writing in first person, in the present tense, make sure to contain narrative consistency throughout the essay, you do not want it to be confusing and without order.

Many interesting stories contain some kind of personal change, change of beliefs, and they tell you about how it happened, they explain why that transformation occurred, and how it affected the person. You can write about an event that made you change your opinion about something, describe what made you change your mind and how (when, where, who made it happen, etc.). It is also great if you associate the reader with yourself, by creating a very familiar situation in the beginning paragraph, because then he will be eager to get to the end, to see what your opinion is now and has it remained the same or how it was changed and why. For example, how your big brother taught you some important values in life and influenced you to be a better version of yourself.

Starting with an anecdote or a quote from someone you admire, or a celebrity is also one of many great ideas on how to write a good narrative. It can come from someone that inspired you to write the essay in the first place or a quote you came across while searching for inspiration. Whatever it may be, it is an excellent way to capture your reader's attention and get him to read the rest of the story.

We hope this have you some ideas on what to write about! Follow the instructions above and go write a great story!

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