Composing a strong college essay: 9 winning topics to use

By the time you reach into college you should already have mastered certain key concepts and techniques that make the essay an easy task to accomplish. Although the exercises that are issued at the college level is significantly more challenging than the ones from previous stages of the education system so be prepared for it. Remember that there is no reason to structure your literary pieces as if they are to be used in a TV show or various epic so simply create one that would attain the most marks it is were to be graded.

The list below would contain nine winning topics to use when you need to compose a strong college essay. The order in which I have placed each title is not important so you can start wherever you like. Please note that these topics are an assorted mix that I have prepared after reviewing several experts on the subject.

  1. Work experience has been asked for in many occasions but is it really that necessary? How can an individual be expected to have work experience when they never held a job before?
  2. Can it be said that the education system takes into consideration the effects of puberty when it comes to academic performance?
  3. A nations expenditure relies heavily on the amount of economic activity happening at the ground level. Structure a composition showing how important these issues are.
  4. Environmental issues make up the majority of the worlds concerns so there should be sufficient information regarding these problems.
  5. Music can be just another sound in a persons life whereas to another person it is their life. Can music be used within the school environment to promote academic success?
  6. Poverty can plague a nation with poor GDP and overall poor economic activity. What can the heavily affected nations do to curb this social disaster?
  7. Should education be the most important thing on the governments agenda or must it still be national security?
  8. Traveling can be fun but what if you got stuck in a country experiencing civil turmoil? Discuss the misfortunes that many people have experienced while traveling.
  9. The issue of gender affairs has been looming around the various relevant governmental offices but are the officials really doing anything to quell the growing contention among the different factions that are in conflict?
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