Finding Block Style Compare And Contrast Essay Examples

There are two different ways of writing a compare and contrast essay. There is the point by point freelance research method and the second is the block style method of compare and contrast essays. In the latter style, the flow is:

First, there is the introduction where the reader’s attention is grabbed. It is followed by background information given. This is then followed by two things which are identified as being compared and contrasted. The purpose of the comparison is then stated, and the thesis is finally stated. The similarities are described in the first paragraph of the body. The second paragraph describes all the differences. The conclusion consists of paraphrasing the entire thesis and summarizing the similarities as well as differences and the importance of the entire topic.

Here are some examples of block compare and contrast dissertations

  • a) Mother Teresa versus Adolf Hitler
  • b) Julius Caesar versus Edward Snowden
  • c) Hercule Poirot versus Sherlock Holmes
  • d) Joseph Stalin versus Mussolini
  • e) Oprah Winfrey versus Ellen DeGeneres
  • f) David Letterman versus Jimmy Kimmel
  • g) Socrates versus Plato
  • h) Pope Francis versus Barack Obama
  • i) Presidential terms of George W Bush versus the term of Bill Clinton
  • j) Roman Empire versus Greek Empire
  • k) Medicine in Ancient China versus Ayurveda
  • l) Greek mythology versus Roman Mythology
  • m) Indus Valley Civilization versus the Inca civilization
  • n) Hinayana versus Mahayana Buddhism
  • o) Christianity versus Islam
  • p) US-Mexico border versus Korean DMZ
  • q) Modern liberalism versus classical liberalism
  • r) Large versus small universities
  • s) Public schools versus private schools
  • t) Homeschooling versus public schools
  • u) Online tutoring versus traditional classes
  • v) Werewolves versus vampires
  • w) Lost versus breaking bad
  • x) The picture of Dorian Gray versus Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • y) Macbeth versus Othello
  • z) Wolverine versus Odysseus
  • aa) Picasso versus Dali
  • ab) Live in relationships versus marriage
  • ac) Early versus late parenthood
  • ad) Apple versus Android phones
  • ae) Biodiesel versus Gasoline
  • af) Xbox versus PlayStation
  • ag) Textbooks versus tablets

Here are just a few examples of the kind of dissertations you can research and do homework on for a block compare and contrast essay. You can get more examples based on your field, your line of interest, your hobbies or something that you love. The topic, however, should be both narrow but yet broad enough to cover a lot of homework material. These essay topics can be on a variety of subjects as seen. They can be a freelance thesis on religion, politics, art, science, literature, TV shows, science, inventions, discoveries, history, geography and more.

One can get more examples from various educational sites, online tutors and forums, websites dedicated to explaining concepts of the English language as well as from their instructors.

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