A collection of intriguing ESL essay topics

There are lots of ESL essay topics you can choose and write on to improve your writings. ESL topics can be classified under various headings and here we bring to you a collection of intriguing ESL essay topics you can write on.

  1. Descriptive
    This type allows you to create an account of an experience. It can also include describing an event, an object or a situation. It is very detailed as one has to take time to explain vividly. Let’s take a look at some topics that fits this description:
    • Describe an utopian place that exists only in your dreams
    • Describe your favorite museum
    • Describe your favorite uncle
    • Describe a celebrity you’d like to meet
    • Describe to an alien how a human being looks like
    • Describe a space rocket to Albert Einstein
    • Describe the most frightening place you’ve visited
    • Describe your favorite season
    • Describe a worst day you’ve had
    • Describe a favorite camping
  2. Narrative
    This is a non-fictional story about personal experience. It provides an insight about who you are and about an experience you have. You can write a narrative paper on the following topics:
    • My interaction with people of other race
    • What motivates me in life
    • My biggest phobia
    • Lessons life has taught me
    • Impact of technology in life
    • The day I was duped
    • A memorable day
    • An experience that changed my life
    • My worst job interview experience
    • The day I became I hero/heroine
    • My near death experience
    • A traffic accident I witnessed
    • My first field trip
  3. Expository
    Expository focuses on the evaluation of an idea based on solely facts devoid of opinion. Some intriguing essay topics under this category for ESL are:
    • The foundation of your college
    • Promoting affirmative action
    • Social media and its effects on college students
    • Bullying in schools
    • Humans and their search for extraterrestrial life
    • Diversity and its effects in the workplace
    • Significance of the world war I and its impact on world politics
    • Significance of world war II and its impact on world politics
    • The American Revolutionary War; Causes and Effects
    • The double-edge sword of development
    • Parental involvement in children career goals
    • Killing of terrorists, a necessary evil?
  4. Persuasive
    Also known as argumentative, persuasive is the type that uses reason to compel the reader or audience to believe in what the writer stands for or believes in. It is very interesting as points are raised to buttress views and counter opposing ideas.
    • Has the pharmaceutical industry caused more harm than good?
    • Should abortion be legalized?
    • Donation of organs after death, morality vs legality
    • CCTV’s in public places, Violation or Surveillance
    • Is nuclear energy the solution?
    • Should college students be allowed to use guns on campus?
    • Should government officials work for free?
    • Should there be a limit on credit card?
    • Compulsory community service; Are you for or against?

As a non-native English speaker, practicing your writing skills is a sure way for you to become better and it starts with the above topics. Good luck with your essay.

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